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Our convenient monthly Ai pack is delivered discreetly to your door each month. Package is sent no more than 5 days after ordering so ensure you leave enough time to order. A box will arrive around the same date each month until you cancel and canceling is as easy as a click of a button.

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Home Insemination Ai Kit - monthly

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $31.95 Monthly

Includes everything you need to get started 

4x Sterile Specimen Cups

4x 10ml Sterile Plastic Syringes

10x Ovulation Test Strips

3x Pregnancy Test Strips

1x Step by step instructions

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Sperm Donation Australia is Australia's go-to place to find a suitable donor. All donors are screened and coached by the admin team so they know what to expect and how to go about the process. All recipients can ask questions to bring them up to speed with the process so that they feel comfortable and know how to safely navigate in a secure environment. The group is closed so friends and family won't be able to see what you post and most importantly doesn't appear on your facebook account for public display in any way, because having a baby is a private matter for most people so this group keeps all details discreet from prying eyes. There is no other group or webpage like this in the world we have the highest of standards.

Sperm Donation USA is North America's go-to place to find a suitable donor. 

Agoda, Wotif and Lastminute where you will find all the best deals for booking accommodation online in preparation for arranging your sperm donations. To find out more information on tips and reasons why to choose a hotel as your preferred location for insemination click here.

Vitamins, supplements and smoothie ingredients are essential to help with the goal of falling pregnant. is the largest online warehouse, therefore can provide quick dispatch times, and be more affordable than purchasing from your local health store. We have compiled our own list of fertility products that will help assist as referred to our members by their own health specialists, we give you all that information for free, compared to what would normally cost hundreds for a consultation. Click here to read more and see products that may suit your situation.

My Heritage is Sperm Donation Australia's main affiliate for DNA/Ancestral tracking, by having everyone within the group using the one company, you're able to see if your child is linked to other half-siblings. Also, you're able to see your own and if you have a partner their genetic origins which may help you in what donor you're looking for, donors can also have their DNA done to see if they match the backgrounds you're looking for. Many people worry about incest so by signing up with MyHeritage you're eliminating that from happening. You can read more from our blog by clicking here.

Snowballs underwear is the perfect gift for your donor. Not only is it a good gesture that demonstrates your commitment towards having a baby it will also help achieve a quicker success rate. By cooling the scrotal area it allows the testicles to mass produce rapidly increasing sperm count, motility and morphology to find out more read our blog by clicking here.

Amazon Australia provides a few products that we recommend that are helpful with pregnancy you will find within the link some useful products that have been proven to work within the Sperm Donation Australia community.


Trak Fertility is a do it yourself sperm analyzation test that can be done in the comfort of your own home is your donor too lazy to get a checkup? Now you can do it yourself to ensure you don't waste countless cycles if he happens to have some fertility issues. Click here for more information on the product.

Sperm Donor Contract/Agreements

Carebox: Monthly Subscription Artificial home insemination kit. No more having to go into the shops or chemist each cycle and awkwardly having to buy the accessories you require to fall pregnant. Have them delivered to your doorstep at half the price in a discreet matter. You can cancel anytime without any penalty.

Carebox: Single Purchase Basic and Deluxe kits For those in the planning stage that haven't yet gone looking or found a donor, tracking your ovulation and getting timing right is essential the more you can learn about your bodies cycle in the months prior will put you in good stead come time when you're eventually ready. The step by step instruction guide designed specifically for Ai will beat anything you can find on google which is mostly related to Natural Insemination processes.