Amazon Australia products

Amazon Australia Products

Adam Hooper has search Amazon from top to bottom, sourcing all the products and links that have proven to have great success within the Sperm Donation Australia community, he only recommends the best of the best. So listed below are various useful products for purchase.

3 pack of FSH Female Fertility / Menopause test strip kits: These strips are normally aimed at women over 30 as you start to get older your fertility declines these simple to use a test which work with a 97% accuracy can be done at home rather than having to visit a doctor. FSH test kits indicate the level of follicle-stimulating hormone in your urine. It works in the same concept as pregnancy or ovulation test strips but instead, you're seeking a negative result rather than a positive. High levels of FSH in your urine could be a sign of low egg supply or low egg quality. High FSH levels may also indicate the approach of menopause.

All 3 test strips are to be used during the same cycle starting day 3 (3rd day of your period) then the following days 4 and 5. Capture a urine sample in a clean container dip the strip into the urine to the max line. Leave it in for 3-4 seconds, then lay it out on a flat surface. Unlike the short wait of a pregnancy test, you need to wait 10-20 minutes for an FSH test result. Don't wait any longer than 30 minutes.

If you see two lines and the test line is darker than the control line, that means your FSH levels are high. You need to repeat the test to confirm your results. So use a test kit again on Cycle Day 4 and 5. Also, try and test around the same time every day. You should be aware that some over the counter and prescription drugs may affect your results, so try and avoid taking anything close to when you'll be using the test kit.

If you get confirmed positive readings on all three days it could be a sign of menopause or other infertility issues, and it's a good time to give your doctor a call to find out your options.

Conceive Plus is one of only 2 "Sperm Friendly lubes" that actually are sort of close to mimicking ideal conditions in terms of ingredients and ideal PH levels. As many of you know my opinion of lubricants is not something I endorse because they don't actually enhance your chance of pregnancy, the sperm swim slightly slower through them so there is a resistance present. My personal opinion is consult your doctor if you been diagnosed with hostile cervical mucus or high acidity levels a lubricant might be beneficial. Otherwise, they slow the swimmers down like a fly in honey. Carebox would be selling them in the Ai Kits if they were beneficial, however some of you may of heard someone become pregnant from using lube who is adamant that it was the lube that got the job done rather than sperm doing what it is meant to do so you may as well buy one of the better products on the market from here.

Cassava Twins Supplement for those who desire twins this is the product for you, Sperm Donation Australia has quite a few pregnancies that have resulted in twins, sadly for Adam Hooper he hasn't been involved with that, however his recipients weren't taking this powerful supplement that claims to increase chances of twin by 50% it helps stimulates the ovaries and also, in general, improves fertility. A product that I certainly recommend as others within the group have gotten the results. This is purchase in enough for 2 months supply and free delivery.

OvaBoost for women is all about improving egg quality doesn't matter how old you're even the most fertile women don't always produce an egg of high quality every cycle. This product helps ensure that the egg reaches those heights and if your donor has a good count it often results in a pregnancy. Also because the egg quality is vastly improved the chances of miscarriage are also reduced.

Elevit is Australia's most popular choice for getting the female body ready for pregnancy, contains high levels of Folic acid that reduces risks of Spina bifibia,  helps sort out any iron deficiencies essential for pregnancy,  and iodine which essential for your babies brain development everyone wants a smart clever baby.  This product is essential and shouldn't be overlooked.

Elevit morning sickness relief. A large majority of our members over there years have experienced severe nausea and vomiting as a result of falling pregnant, it is signs of a strong baby stealing and absorbing all your resources leaving you to feel awful. Never fear this product helps to rectify the situation making you feel your normal self again.

Femometer - Smart basal ovulation tracker with an app make this your app of choice today. simple to use and can upload your data to the app helping pinpoint ovulation giving you the best chance at conceiving and setting up your donations. 

Conceive Well Men. It is just as important for your donor to be improving his sperm quality as it is for the recipient to be improving their egg quality when both parties are committed the children are born really healthy, strong immune systems and also during pregnancy a much lower risk of miscarriage. You need to ensure your donor is taking something and if he isn't buying him this product will do wonders for your future child. Also, it will help you achieve a quicker pregnancy through improved fertility.


Fertilcount for men has your donor not gotten around to a sperm analysis? then this the next best thing you need to ensure your donor has a sperm count, while this test doesn't check for motility or morphology it will give you a sense of how much sperm his sample contains you can test a drop from the donation sample. Some women have spent 6 months to a year trying with a donor who has had a very low count and wasted valuable time trying this product will help with possible answers as to why you might not be conceiving or that you don't waste ongoing future cycles with the wrong donor.

Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and into Your 40s. This book is brilliant all about preparing your body for pregnancy and the importance of it a great read that I recommend much better than reading fake or misguiding information from Google. The older you're the more important it is to prepare so sit back have a cuppa and help improve your fertility.

PCOS and Your Fertility. Have you ever had irregular periods? Do you find that you're always putting on weight? Do you feel harried, emotional, and upbeat one minutes, but down the next? Or do you struggle with adult acne or excess, unwanted facial and body hair? It's possible you have PCOS. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, wondering about your chances of having a child in the future, or wondering what on earth to do next, this book can help. Written by two women who have had PCOS at different stages of their fertility journeys, it will help you answer those unique PCOS questions, as well as give you the impetus to take action to boost your chances of fertility with simple self-help strategies.

Within Sperm Donation Australia the number of women who were previously undiagnosed living with PCOS is very high, and often your local GP will not pick up on it this is why this book will help you.

Progesto-Life - Progesterone is what the female body produces naturally to help regulate menstrual cycles, helps prepare the uterine lining for egg implantation. If you have PCOS, Endo, or getting older (body produces less progesterone) this may be the answer for you in naturally rebalancing your hormone levels to give you a strong chance at pregnancy. It is also essential in helping avoid miscarriage and taken until 3 months pregnant. Progesterone you rub in externally 1/4 of a teaspoon from Day 6 to Day 26 of your cycle. Alternatively rub it in on a different spot each time from thighs to stomach, breasts, forearms, cheeks.

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