hotel booking

Sperm Donation Australia has become partners with Hotel booking heavyweights Agoda. It  is  a pleasure teaming up with them, often members within our community require hotel booking each cycle and Agoda offers them the best prices, while also helping our community, so we can create a more systematic practical website without having to charge our community directly to start their own family as we believe in trying to keep the community remaining as altruistic as possible. We encourage all our members to book through our site or related links so instead of the Agoda receiving 100% commission we get a small share of that which 100% of that will be reinvested into the group.

Most of our community members utilize hotels for their donations each cycle here are the most common reasons why.
1) Firstly they require it, many women have road trips where their donor lives more than an hour away, so it becomes practical. Also obviously travelling interstate will also require hotel bookings usually.
2) Picking a hotel location near your donors work location or near their home residence ensures increased reliability. Donors that don't have to travel far for donations are more inclined to ongoing help for future cycles if the donation logistics are organised welled.
3) Recipients and Donors usually both prefer donating on neutral grounds, it eradicates that unease of unexpected family member or friend knocking on the door while donations are taking place. It also offers both parties a bit more privacy.
4) Legality issues avoid, Some people who like to take caution prefer donations being done elsewhere, someone can't summon you to court unless they know where you live or work. Not that this has ever happened but it does make sense.

Posted September 7th at 3:51am