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Men’s Fertility Supplements

When I (Adam Hooper) first became a donor I had an ok, average sperm count, my lifestyle and diet wasn’t as healthy as it should be, and I didn’t take supplements, it use to take me 3 to 4 cycles on average to achieve a pregnancy, which isn’t so bad compared to others.

When I first started donating I wanted it to be an easier process if I committed to helping someone the quicker they fall pregnant the better, when it takes a long time for someone to fall pregnant it becomes like a chore, so I started exploring into taking supplements and living a healthier lifestyle.

Little things from standing on an angle in the shower when having a hot shower during winter making sure my testicles weren’t in direct water flow. Reducing caffeine intake, drinking more water and eliminating fizzy drinks while reducing alcohol consumption and not to mention even buying snowballs underwear to keep it cooler down there especially during summer.

I started off taking basic supplements such as Zinc and noticed an increase in volume. I have since experimented with different supplements and getting a semen analysis done every few months to see the impact of newly introduced supplements, I have effectively made myself my own Guinea pig. That is the luxury of being a male over female we can monitor our swimmers more carefully than women can do so with their eggs and their womb.

So, when a recipient picks a donor she should want her donor taking supplements, many of my own recipients have offered to purchase some or surprised me with some when I have met them to take. It should be an open conversation supplement use. As not only does it help achieve quicker results also increases chances of the baby being born healthy as well. Both recipient and donor should be taking them.

Since I becoming a donor I have felt so much healthier, a sign of good a sperm count means you’re in good health, when you become sick, or unhealthy your body will prioritize in fixing your body and making it right, it will halt sperm production, sperm production is an added luxury so when it’s firing on all cylinders it means you’re living healthy.

When a donor goes for a semen analysis they will record the Volume, Sperm Count, Motility, Progressive Motility, Morphology and sometimes the PH level. I have seen many of my donors’ analyses over the years and have helped recommend products to improve it.

I have seen poor counts go to average counts, average to good, and good to super dramatic improvements that help achieve success rates. When you are looking at becoming pregnant having a donor is one thing, having a donor that gets the job done is another and therefore supplements are so important. This page is created for the sole purpose of help lifting the success rate.

I don't claim to be Doctor or a medical professional therefore I am not recommending prescription medicine, however I am the admin of Australia's largest sperm donor community, and  the knowledge I have acquired from working with my donors and recipients and listening to health specialist and doctors opinions and doing my own research has had me personally go from an average sperm count to an elite category. While your doctor and health specialist may provide you with advice, I am living proof of actually being able to do it, through my own studies and research and tweaking of diet and supplements over the past couple of years. So for those who wonder about my authenticity and my credibility I let my own results speak for themselves.

Men’s Fertility multi-vitamins

There are many fertility multi-vitamins on the market, each of them contains a core amount of ingredients in them and they do vary on amounts of each particular vitamin, while have a few different unique ingredients from rival brands. Because the size of a tablet is only so big they can only contain so much ingredients within it, so sometimes they lack the required levels required for optimum, or the miss out other ingredients to compensate. A good fertility multi-vitamin is good for those that don’t want to be swallowing individually 10 tablets per day and people who have used them have recorded higher levels in their semen analysis’s over 3 months.


Fairhaven Health, FH Pro for Men, Clinical Grade Fertility Supplement

Quantity: 1 month


I really like the ingredients in this product but very expensive for 1-month supply. High levels of top line ingredients do justify the price tag. This formula will help boost sperm function and overall reproductive health.


Fairhaven Health, FertilAid for Men

Quantity: 1 month

At a third of the cost as the Pro version, it provides a cheaper alternative that come with some sacrifices. But overall it will contribute to sperm count, quality and motility.


Fairhaven Health, MotilityBoost for Men

Quantity: 1 month


When I analyse Semen analysis the first thing I look for is a Progressive Motility % it is the most important statistic in achieving results, you can have all the count in the world but that means nothing if they can’t swim good enough.  This formula contains ingredients that help reduce oxidate stress and only allow motility to flourish.


Fairhaven Health, CountBoost for Men

Quantity: 1 month


Contains key ingredients such as herbal extract ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants designed at rising sperm counts.


Garden of Life, Vitamin Code, Men, 240 Vegetarian Capsules

Quantity: 2 to 4 months (Pending bottle size)

This is just your regular male multi-vitamin this brand is very organic all ingredients extracted from 23 fruit and veg. Labdoor.com has tested this brand as the most purist brand of ingredients included compared to all other competitors. This is a product that Adam Hooper personally takes.


Fairhaven Health, ViriliTea for Men


This tea has some powerful ingredients included for male fertility and contains the amazing Goji Berry that I am personally always eating handfuls of. This is a product that Adam Hooper personally takes.


 Individual male fertility supplements.

When I first started exploring male fertility supplements for myself what I noticed was products such a Menevit were overpriced and when you looked at all of the ingredients individually it worked out more cheaper to buy key ingredients individually this would mean more tablets to swallow each day but I feel it’s more beneficial as I could take all  the essentials and pick out the best ingredients from various male fertility supplements on the market. Listed below are supplements I have taken in the past and many I still currently do, I get a sperm analysis done every 3 months and I have substituted various supplements to record my own results as well as reading previous studies about the product.

Now Foods, Zinc Picolinate, 50 mg

Quantity: 4 months


Zinc is one of the cheapest vitamins on the market, yet it is arguable the most important when it comes to overall sperm health increasing its fertilizing capacity along with all the key parameters of improved sperm count, motility, morphology and function.  Zinc comes in many forms and Picolinate form is easy for your body to absorb. This is one if not the best zinc supplements on the market and has been rated that on various supplement sites.


Now Foods, Folic Acid with Vitamin B-12, 800 mcg

Quantity: 8 months                                                                       


Folic acid is also very cheap 8 months’ worth for less than $5 and from this reputable brand. Previous studies have recorded that men with low levels of this B9 vitamin have lower sperm counts. Used in conjunction with Zinc, morphology is improved. The B12 vitamin included in this supplement also is proven to increase morphology and help with count but do note only a small amount included in this product.


Doctor's Best, Vitamin C with Quali-C, 1,000 mg

Quantity: 4 months or Year supply (pending bottle size)

A very potent antioxidant that protects the testicles from stress related damage. Helps improve sperm motility while reducing defects such as sperm clumping together known as agglutination. I have read a study previously that have recorded 1000mg of Vitamin C a day will give you a 140% sperm count increase.


Nordic Naturals, Vitamin D3, Orange, 1000 IU

Quantity: 4 months


This brand has high levels of purity of Vitamin D, which is essential for the nucleus of the sperm cell, also maintains good semen quality and sperm count. Also production of testosterone and increased libido.


Solgar, Naturally Sourced Vitamin E, 400 IU

Quantity: 3 months


Vitamin E is strong antioxidant that protects the sperm from free radical damage. This brand has Vitamin E it’s natural form (d-alpha-tocopherol) which allows the body to absorb far more easily as oppose to the synthetic version found in some other rival products. An IVF success rate study showed higher results in men who took this supplement and they noticed an improvement in a sperms ability to penetrate the egg. It also improves count, quality and motility.


Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega, Lemon, 1000 mg

Quantity: 1 or 3 months (pending bottle size)


This is rated the best brand on the market for rich omega 3

But also, the most expensive so you may want to pick a cheaper alternative on iherb especially if you’re buying multiple supplements like I do as I eat a lot of fish and salmon as is. Omega 3 is essential fatty acids that are a necessity in the production of health sperm.  It works by stimulating the blood flowing to the sexual organs reducing oxidative stress and allowing a constant production of good healthy sperm. It’s linked to increasing motility, quality and count by improving the membrane structure specifically.


Doctor's Best, High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerine, 100 mg

Quantity: 1 month to 1 year (pending bottle size)


For the price and quality this is the best value for dollar CoQ10 supplement on the market, if you’re taking other multivitamins might include some CoQ10 so this 100mg tablet 1 a day will work good for you otherwise take 2 per day get levels up to 200mg per day.


Coq10 is found in the Seminal fluid which helps protect the sperm from damage and improves motility. Other studies suggest that it also improves sperm counts. One general rule I have found in fertility supplements what is good for the heart also is good for fertility. This is a product that is on my daily consumption list.


Nature's Way, Selenium, 200 mcg

Quantity: 3 months


Another cost-effective supplement on the market.

The tube that transport the sperm from the testicle to the penis is called the epididymis which requires selenium to function properly. Selenium is a trace mineral that prevents oxidative damage and is helpful in improving formation, count, morphology and motility.


Do note if you’re taking Multivitamins that contain Selenium, then you don’t require purchasing this, you don’t want you levels of Selenium being too high.


Now Foods, L-Cysteine, 500 mg

Quantity: 3 months


Studies have found it to be effective treatment of infertility that improve semen quality that also minimises DNA damage and oxidative stress. Another study found improved sperm concentration and increased pregnancy rates. Also consider N-Acetyl cysteine a richer form of this as an alternative.



Now Foods, L-Arginine, 500 mg

Quantity: 8 months


The head of a sperm contains high levels of L-arginine so there is no surprise why it is a vital ingredient. It is associated throughout all the processes from sperm production, to formation and maturation. It has influence on the sperm count, morphology and motility.


If you have an average and above sperm count 500 mg is recommended otherwise you might need to up your dosage if count is more on the lighter side.

If you don't eat much red meat would be a handy purchase.


Now Foods, L-Carnitine, 1000 mg

Quantity: 3 months


Essential for proper maturation and functioning of the sperm, works as powerful antioxidant which increases energy in cells. A Chinese 2010 study found significant increases in motility especially for men where motility might be on the lower range.



California Gold Nutrition, L-Taurine, 1000 mg

Quantity: 2 months


This most commonly found amino acid in the male reproductive system. It has antioxidant properties that protects cells from damage and stabilises sperm membranes while also stimulating the production of testosterone..


21st Century, Calcium 500 + D3

Quantity: 1 year


Won’t hurt your hip pocket this common supplement with a bit of Vitamin D for good measure. If your multi-vitamin doesn’t contain calcium or your diet doesn’t consist of milk or yoghurt, or other calcium-based products this will be handy to take.


Without sufficient calcium levels, sperm lack energy therefore lack the ability to fertilize the egg. Also known for increasing motility.


Primaforce, DAA, D-Aspartic Acid


This amino acid is found in the testicles, semen and sperm cells, men with low D-Aspartic Acid levels found in their bodies appear to be less fertile. Also, may increase testosterone levels. I personally only recommend to take if your testosterone levels are on the lower end and not take more than 3g per day, as taking to much may have negative effect.


Now Foods, Ashwagandha, 450 mg

Quantity: 3 months


An herb that has been used in India for many centuries for medicinal purposes. In men, it is believed to boost testosterone and studies have confirmed boosts in sperm counts, the volume of ejaculate (by double), and motility.


Now Foods, Tribulus, 500 mg

Quantity: 3 months

Been used from Ancient Greece time. It is believed to help the sperm against free radicals and can increase sperm count and motility. Also encourages testosterone production and DHEA levels all factors that influence sperm quality.


Now Foods, Maca, Raw, 750 mg

Quantity: 3 months

A Superfood that originates from central Peru renowned for increasing libido and fertility. This is on my daily consumption list as it has been said to increase sperm counts and motility on already healthy men, and from my own observation my sperm count definitely increased since including this supplement. 


Now Foods, Green Tea Extract, 400 mg

Quantity: 3 months


An amino acid that helps getting the blood flowing. Has protection properties that help the sperm avoid DNA damage. While contributing to improved sperm counts and increase motility.


Now Foods, Dong Quai, 520 mg

Quantity: 3 months


A traditional Chinese remedy high in ferulic which is a powerful antioxidant associated with the improvement of sperm quality and life duration. Like all things from China origin this won’t break the bank balance.



Nature's Way, Asian Ginseng, 560 mg

Quantity: 3 months


May as well throw in another Chinese remedy while I am at it that increases male fertility. Can increase testosterone levels therefore attributes to increases in sperm count and motility.


Doctor's Best, Best Goji Berry Extract, 600 mg

Quantity: 4 months


Yes, Yes and Yes, I can’t recommend Goji berries enough I seen the results first hand from this magical Asian fruit for centuries they have been known for various health benefits. Goji has been linked with reverse the effects of overheating of sex organ region that allows sperm production to continue efficiently. Increases in Sperm count and vitality recorded.

Now Foods, B-6, 50 mg

Quantity: 3 months


Another essential vitamin that works well with Zinc to improve sperm quality. Very cheap to purchase under 5 bucks but if you’re taking a multi-vitamin may already be included.


Doctor's Best, Best Fully Active B12, 1500 mcg

Quantity: 2 months


Just like most of B complex vitamins works well with Zinc, to help promote healthy viable sperm, also found in many multivitamins so you may pass on it, if already taking it.

Now Foods, Vitamin A, 10,000 IU

Quantity: 3 months


Vitamin A contributes to high performance functioning of many organs throughout the human body and the ones involving fertility are also included in this. Men that don’t consume enough vitamin A tend to have sperm that is more clumped together like glue which restricts their movement which make the egg hard to access and fertilised. Pregnancy rates from studies have concluded those who take high levels of this vitamin have should a dramatic impact in success rates. It is impossible to get the required levels of Vitamin A from food so a supplement that contains this amount is very beneficial.


Source Naturals, Mucuna Dopa, 100 mg

Quantity: 4 months


If you’re donor and you deal with stress this is great for you, and studies have shown that also good for sperm quality, motility, volume. While recording higher testosterone levels.

Mucuna Pruiriens (Seed)


Now Foods, Pine Bark Extract, 240 mg

Quantity: 3 months


Pine bark extract contain photochemical called proanthoycanidins a powerful antioxidant which are responsible for increasing sperm count. Another study suggests morphology issues reduced and increases in motility, one study claimed that there is no other ingredient better in boosting fertility at a rapid rate. Adam Hooper recommends this product.


21st Century, Lycopene, Maximum Strength, 25 mg

Quantity: 2 months


In my opinion one of the most powerful antioxidants available this is one of my must haves that I certainly take daily. It increases blood flow which gets the production lines pumping out swimmers. Quite a few male fertility supplements on the market include this key ingredient. It’s one of the cheaper ones so why not.


Now Foods, Curcumin, 120 Veg Capsules

Quantity: 4 months


Protects the male reproductive system and sperm from free radicals.


Source Naturals, Manganese, 10 mg

Quantity: 8 months


Provides antioxidant protection for the sperm and allows for increases in quality and quantity of sperm. If you’re taking a multi-vitamin this may already be included.


Now Foods, Grape Seed, Standardized Extract, 100 mg

Quantity: 6 months


While I have recommended other antioxidants grapeseed extract when I first started taking this I noticed a decent improvement on my next sperm analyse results. It also contains the highly valued oiligomeric proanthoyanidins (among others) that protect the sperm from free radicals. It is recommended by specialist taking this in conjunction with L-Arginine for maximum results.



If supplements aren’t your thing try some powders.

Taking my sperm count to the next level involved buying superfood powders, mixing it in the blender with a banana, walnuts, numerous berries and mango, a bit of peanut butter raw cocoa and the ingredients below and your sorted,  you will have very pleasurable smoothie.

Amazing Grass, Green Superfood, Berry Drink Powder


An arrange of great nutrients and great antioxidants.


Zint, Raw Organic Cacao Powder


Firstly, there is Cacao powder Cocoa powder which is the more processed cooked form you want the raw form. It is rich source of minerals and contains antioxidants


Zint, Maca, Organic Gelatinized Powder

The superfood in powder form, some suggest powder form is more effective than in capsules. One thing is for sure it’s vital for both men and women’s fertility and increases libido.


Organic Traditions, Ashwagandha Root Powder


Great for semen quality increases sperm count and motility from increasing testosterone.


Spectrum Essentials, Organic Ground Premium Flaxseed


High in Omega-3 Fats so add it your shake.


Navitas Organics, Organic, Goji Powder


Every smoothie needs the power of goji berry, go on chuck it in, great for fertility.


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Snowballs underwear is the perfect gift for your donor. Not only is it a good gesture that demonstrates your commitment towards having a baby it will also help achieve a quicker success rate. By cooling the scrotal area it allows the testicles to mass produce rapidly increasing sperm count, motility and morphology to find out more read our blog by clicking here.

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